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My name is Howard, and I am a flashlight freak and the founder of MF Tactical. After years of researching, comparing, designing and building LED flashlights, I know just what you need if you want the brightest, highest quality, highest efficiency and THE most useful LED flashlight components in the perfect body at the lowest cost tailored for your intended use.  Whether you are in law enforcement, a fire fighter, an EMT, a hunter, outdoorsman or you just need a bright light on your job, for walking your dog, in your car or on your nightstand, MF Tactical's purpose is to save you from having to pore over the thousands of flashlight variants out there to sort out the junk from the gems.  Instead, you can just have the benefit of our hard work and have fun browsing our current selection of the best of the best in LED tactical flashlight technology.

REMEMBER:  There are a LOT of inferior, sketchy flashlights (not to mention counterfeit batteries) being sold on the internet for which you prepay and then wait for weeks or months as they are shipped from Hong Kong or other distant provinces of Mainland China.  There are also a few older brands selling flashlights from $200 to $500 and up that are simply no longer worth that kind of premium.

  MF Tactical designs, builds and sells only brand new, top quality LED flashlights, and we ship quickly from our headquarters in New Jersey by USPS 1st Class or Priority Mail.  That way, you will have your premium light in a few days instead of the 3-4 weeks it takes to come via donkey cart from the distant Far East sellers.  Look, enjoy and ask questions, but most of all indulge yourself and have fun being a good old fashioned, dyed in the wool,


If you want to see some comments and reviews posted by actual MF Tactical customers, please read our Guestbook postings.  Feel free to post your own comments there as well.

Here are MF Tactical's current best of the best offerings 
(prices shown are without batteries).  All of our flashlights operate on
rechargeable li-ion batteries, and you can select a battery/charger package with
any flashlight at checkout.  Just click on any picture below to enter our online
store and see the full description, photos and specs for the pictured model:




We want you to enjoy shopping in
MF Tactical's online store.  Compare and choose your favorite Monster Flashlight by MF Tactical and pick from our broad selection of rechargeable batteries, chargers and tactical accessories. When you're ready to check-out, you can pay using PayPal, which lets you use either your PayPal account or any credit card.  We are always working to improve our lights and add new features as suggested by our customers.  And every MF Tactical flashlight comes with awesome customer service from your fellow flashlight freaks.  Please register your email address with us so you can receive new product announcements and discount codes by email.


Shipping and handling throughout the Online Store is a flat $5.99 for all single battery flashlights. Batteries and a Charger can be added to any flashlight purchase at a package price and with NO additional shipping by checking the "Select Battery/Charger Package" box when placing your flashlight in your shopping cart.

Click Here to Go to Directly Our Battery and Charger Department.


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